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DeFishGear Scientific Conference

October 13-15, Venice, Italy

The DeFishGear project team and the Ca´Foscari University of Venice invites YOU to be a part of a unique experience – Advancing global discussions on marine litter!


From Marine Observations and Knowledge to Concrete Actions Towards Solutions

June 2015, Nova Gorica, Slovenia

DeFishGear Summer School 2015 - Proof that science can be truly exciting!

MICRO 2015

May 2015, Piran, Slovenia

Bringing in the spotlight the issue of microplastics in the Adriatic region for the first time!

DeFishGear Conference on Sub-Regional Cooperation on Marine Litter Management in the Adriatic-Ionian Macro-Region

March 2015, Split, Croatia

The set of priority marine litter measures for the countries in the region was one of the main outputs of the DeFishGear Stakeholder Conference in Split, Croatia.

Stakeholders Forum

February 2015, Strunjan, Slovenia

Integrating the concepts of protection and sustainable use of marine and coastal environment.


One thing that certainly distinguishes the DeFishGear project from the others is the constant quest for the new and innovative ways for project promotion in order to anchor direct and permanent bonding with its stakeholders and other similar initiatives in the Adriatic Region. National Info Days are just one of them.


DeFishGear Conference Consolidates Collective Fight Against Marine Litter

Euro-Mediterranean experts and decision makers – making a difference in the collective fight against marine litter!

DeFishGear workshop: a stepping stone towards harmonized marine litter monitoring in the Adriatic Sea

Hands-on experience and sharing of scientific knowledge in macro and micro litter monitoring in Split, Croatia.

DeFishGear Paves the Way for Harmonized Marine Litter Monitoring in the Adriatic Sea

Technical experts’ workshop paving the way for joint definition of marine litter monitoring in the Adriatic region.

First conference on integrated coastal management in the Adriatic Sea and open Science Day

Numbers say it all: More than 50 scientists from Russia, Serbia, Italy, Albania, Croatia and Montenegro presented 26 scientific papers on integrated coastal management.


DeFishGear launches coordinated marine litter surveys in the Adriatic

Marine litter surveys in the Adriatic – a recipe for accurate and comparable scientific data on marine litter.

1st marine litter monitoring survey based on the mathematic model for the Adriatic Sea

Tailor-made mathematic model for marine litter monitoring in the Adriatic used for the first time on Corfu, Greece.

WELCOME ABOARD: DeFishGear and “Don´t waste Venice” campaign cruising on Goletta Verde

Campaign “Don’t Waste Venice” – a synonym for efficient tackling of marine litter and microplastics pollution!

Bosnia and Herzegovina for the first time makes a step towards combatting marine litter in the Adriatic Region

Bosnia and Herzegovina performs its 1st national marine litter monitoring!


Adriatic Sea, a pioneer in the Mediterranean for recovery and reuse of fishing nets

Italian Port of Ancona – first ‘collection point’ for derelict fishing gear in the Adriatic!

Fishing for litter on Corfu island

HCMR and DeFishGear - Making a progress in detailed separation and identification of marine litter

Analysis of the litter collected from the sea - Koper and Izola

IWRS, Slovenia – highly proficient in inspecting the amount of marine litter collected by fishermen!

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