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    Oct 13, 2015

    The General picture arising from the DeFishGear project activities performed so far, which comprised cruising along eastern and western coasts of the Adriatic Sea in search for floating litter and litter from the seabed, macro litter on the coast and microplastics either in the sea or in the beach sediments, as well as collection and recycling of derelict fishing gear, is depicting the same harsh reality found and already seen in the rest of the world - A plastic plague in lasting exhibition!

    In the light of these activities, DeFishGear project team with Ca´Foscari University of Venice on the flagship is proud to announce the Marine Conference "A WAKE OF PLASTICS, What You Sea Is What You Get", which will take place in Venice, Italy, from 13th to 15th October 2015.

    The overarching aim of the Conference is a provision of sound shared scientific contribution from the Adriatic region to the global discussion on the issue of polluting the sea with litter. Hand in hand with the scientific and management argumentations, as well as knowledge sharing on the subject, outmost relevance will be given to the activities which aim to catalyze the change in perceptions and attitudes of general public and ensure in-depth involvement of policy makers on all levels in marine litter issues.

    The Conference will promote renewed awareness and sustainability approach which will include active involvement of participants in terms of lectures and/or posters on the following topics:

    • Environmental impacts
    • Ghost nets
    • Management and policies
    • Macroplastics
    • Marine litter
    • Microplastics
    • Mitigation strategies
    • Monitoring and treatment
    • Social and economical impacts

    The final programme of the Conference will be arranged in 6 dedicated sessions with invited lecturers, and 2 open thematic round tables.

    For more details about the Conference and registration, please visit the Conference website: Wake of Plastics

    Participation to the meeting is completely FREE, but seats are limited. The priority will be given to the contributing subscription requests.


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    • National Institute of Chemistry
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      1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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