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Hydro-Engineering Institute of Faculty of Civil Engineering (HEIS) was founded in 1954 in Sarajevo as an independent, market oriented, scientific and research institution in the field of water protection and engineering. Today it employs over 40 experts from different scientific fields, which with their high motivation, as well as professional knowledge and experience represent the core strength of the Institute.

By continuous strengthening of human and technical capacities, HEIS created the team of multidisciplinary experts who are frequently engaged in scientific and research projects, especially the ones dealing with the protection and sustainable management of water resources and including collaboration with local and regional decision makers, as well as international experts in the field. Thus, HEIS has long experience as both partner and leader in several strategic national and international projects financed by EC (EC FP 5 and 6 Programmes, EC LIFE Third countries, IPA and other), UNEP-MAP, UNDP, UNESCO and UNICEF, in which HEIS was responsible for the provision of technical assistance and know-how in sustainable development and protection of drinking, surface, ground and sea water, as well as environment in general.

Moreover, HEIS is national leading expert in the field of hydrological monitoring of surface water courses and has large reputation and extensive experience in B&H and neighboring countries in participating in joint management initiatives in Danube and Adriatic Region. Finally, modern sampling and laboratory equipment, together with application of sophisticated measurement techniques and analytical methods enables HEIS to perform advanced water quality measurements, and to compare and exchange data with other relevant institutions.

This multidisciplinary image of HEIS makes it competent in implementing project activities and results, through awareness raising activities for experts and relevant stakeholder groups, which include exchange of know-how, expert missions, training courses, and formation of expert networks on national and regional level.

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Hydro-Engyneering Institute Sarajevo
Stjepana Tomića 1,
71000 Sarajevo,
Bosnia and Herzegovina


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