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The Consorzio Mediterraneo s.c.a r.l. (Mediterranean Consortium), founded in 1996, is the technical and scientific structure of the Lega Pesca (Fishing Association) and combines 14 of the most qualified companies for co-operative research. It is formed by a co-ordinating head office in Rome and by subsidiary offices and laboratories situated at the associated co-operatives for research that are present throughout the Italian territory (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Latium, Apulia, Calabria, Sardinia and Sicily).

Registered at the National Registry for Research and credited at the Ministry for Agricultural Policies, the consortium collaborates with different universities, with ISPRA (The Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research), CNR (the Italian National Centre for Research), FAO, ENEA (the Italian National Body for Energy and Environment), the Ministry for Labour and Welfare, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union. It is a partner of UNIMAR, the unitary research consortium of the fishing Associations, that created a National technical and biological observatory on fishing and aquaculture within the measures foreseen by the financial instrument for fishing (European Fisheries Fund, EFF). The Consorzio operates, directly or through its partners, throughout the country, promoting studies and researches aiming at contributing to the knowledge and in-depth study of problems connected with the fishing sector, with particular emphasis on those of biological, ecological, technological, economical and training nature in order to promote the development and optimisation of fishing, fishing economy, aquaculture and coastline in Italy.

Of a particular relevance is the activity of technical and scientific support aimed at the co-operatives associated to the Lega Pesca (Fishing Association), that operate in the different compartments of the fishing economy: fishing, aquaculture, transformation, marketing. Furthermore, the consortium carries out studies and researches aimed at the development of biotechnologies, the estimation of the environmental impact related to the sea environment, the eco-compatible technological innovation, to the environmental audit for the definition of productive management practises compatible with the environment, the definition of quality standards for fishing products, the integrated management plans of the coastline, the development plans for the management of protected sea areas and scientific dissemination.


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Consorzio Mediterraneo
Via Guattani 9,
00161 Roma, Italy


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  • National Institute of Chemistry
    Hajdrihova ulica 19,
    1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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