The Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change is a non-profit research institution established in 2005, with the financial support of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. CMCC manages and promotes scientific and applied activities in the field of international climate change research. The Center has been fully operative since 2006.

The CMCC network structure has offices in Lecce, Bologna, Capua, Milan, Sassari, Venice, Viterbo, and Benevento. It involves and links private and public institutions jointly investigating multidisciplinary topics related to climate science research.

CMCC has been founded with the main goal of establishing a Center of excellence focused on integrated study of climate change related topics in Italy. CMCC represents at the national and international scale, an institutional point of reference for decision makers, public institutions, as well as private and public companies seeking technical-scientific support.

CMCC’s expertise and approach to climate science is strengthened by its capacity to develop research projects, which contribute to a national network of excellence. CMCC also collaborates with the best international centers specialized in advanced and applied research on climate change.
 Thanks to its networked structure, CMCC brings together highly qualified experts/professionals from different climate research areas in a single unique institution. The workflow within the CMCC network fosters the integration of technological resources and skills needed to develop a global and extensive approach to climate research including: mathematics, physics, economics and computer science. CMCC collaborates with experienced scientists, economists, and technicians, which work together in order to provide full analyses of climate impacts on various systems such as agriculture, ecosystems, coasts, water resources, health, and economics. CMCC also supports policymakers in setting and assessing costs, mitigation, and adaptation policies.

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Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici
Via Augusto Imperatore 16,
73100 Lecce, Italy


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