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Marine Litter and the Fishing Sector: A New Perspective

On the 24th of  July, ISPRA organised a short Conference titled "Participatory Research and Protection of Environment". The Conference was organised under the umbrella of two projects financed by the European Union - GAP2 and the DeFishGear. It was organised at the EXPO pavilion "AQAE Venezia 2015", and it focused on positive experiences of joint work of fishermen from Chioggia and researchers of ISPRA in the scope of two activities:

  • Monitoring of fish resources within GAP and GAP2 project
  • Fishing for Litter within DeFishGear project

The Conference gathered fishermen, researchers of ISPRA but also another partner of the DeFishGear project - Ca'Foscari University of Venice, representative of the Veneto Region and IPA Adriatic project Ecosea. 

The DeFishGear project researchers presented the importance of involving the fishermen in all sea-related issues.  Concrete examples of the significance of their involvement were given through the presentation of the "Fishing for Litter" activities implemented within the DeFishGear project, in which they had an active role. Interesting discussion between researchers and fisherment followed the presentation. The overall conclusion of the conference was that a comprehensive approach is needed when the sea-related issues are concerned. 

Posters made by children during the "Marine Litter Course" were also exhibited during the Conference.


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