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Sea bottom clean-up, Town of Vis, Croatia
During the past month, numerous eco-actions were organised in Croatia, including also the activities of underwater cleaning. On 31 May 2014, as a part of the “Croatian Water Day”, 42 cities, towns…
Jun 05, 2014
DeFishGear poster
On Thursday 22 of May 2014, one of the DeFishGear project partners - Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA), and their researcher Tomaso Fortibuoni, presented with a poster the DeFishGear…
May 27, 2014
Sea bottom clean-up in Chioggia
On Sunday, 25 of May 2014, the "Sea bottom clean-up" initiative took place in Chioggia (Italy). The event was organized by the Italian environmental association “Tegnùe di Chioggia” in collaboration with scuba-divers…
May 27, 2014
DeFishGear Conference
More than one hundred and thirty decision makers, scientists and representatives of civil society and industry from all over the Euro-Mediterranean area met in Athens on 12-13 of May 2014 to share…
May 26, 2014
Sea-bottom clean up initiative in Italy
Sunday 25 May 2014, h 9.00 – Punta Poli – Chioggia (VE), Italy The Italian environmental association “Tegnùe di Chioggia” organizes the initiative “Sea-bottom clean up” (Fondali puliti in Italian), in collaboration…
May 23, 2014
DeFishGear Working Group Meeting
More than thirty five marine litter experts from all seven countries of the Adriatic Sea, the European Commission, international organizations, including the Regional Sea Convention(s) (Barcelona Convention, OSPAR Convention), Non-Governmental Organizations and…
May 23, 2014
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    1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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