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The Conference on Sub-Regional Cooperation in Marine Litter Management in Adriatic-Ionian Macro Region was carried out on March 25th in Split, Croatia.

The objective of the Conference was to contribute to sub-regional cooperation in addressing Marine Litter issue, which is also the main request of the European Commission in its guidance for the next phase of the MSFD implementation.

Therefore, the focus was:

  • sub-regional cooperation in preparation of the MSFD Program of measures / Revision of LSB NAPs with integrated ML measures / considerations;
  • discussion and elaboration of the measure dealing with identification of ML hot spots in Adriatic-Ionian sub-region as well as discussion and identification of proven ML management models with potential for cross-border    transfer/replication;
  • main barriers to more effective tackling of ML issue;
  • underexploited opportunities for highly effective measures;
  • ideas for follow-up of sub-regional projects dealing with these barriers and opportunities.

Following attachments are available for the download:

Split ML 25 March 2015 Conference Conclusions

1. Defishgear Project - general info with focus on cap and sust component

2. Defishgear Project - WP4 ML monitoring

3. Defishgear Project - WP5 microplastics monitoring

4. Defishgear Project - WP6 DFG management

5a. Costs of Marine Litter management

5b. UNEP MAP MLRP requirements and implementation

6. RMO ML within MSFD framework - current status and recommendations

7. IRMO Adriatic NGOs and LAs ML Survey Results

8. IRMO Adriatic competent authorities - ML Survey Results

9. NGO Sunce CRO ML experiences

10. NGO MEDASSET GR ML experiences

11. NGO MIO ECSDE GR ML experiences

12. NGO Legambiente IT ML experiences


Sep 03, 2015
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